Michael Beaman 
Michael Beaman

I have now retired from conventional consultancy work but still provide teaching and training services. My focus remains on the commercial aspects of delivering town planning and regeneration strategies and in particular issues of viability. I have a keen interest in what works and what doesn't at a practical level and on ways of achieving social and economic goals through physical development.

Fees from this teaching activity are now donated to Sightsavers, a charity which provides cost-effective treatment for blindness, mostly in Africa.  See their website here.  

Recent seminars and courses have been commissioned by CLG, the Planning Advisory Service, the Planning Inspectorate, Local Authorities and several Universities. I am the author of the RTPI Online CPD Course on viability for planners and the RICS Briefing Paper of Delivery Strategies for Masterplans and Area Action Plans.  

I have been a consultant specialising in these matters for over a decade but beyond that my approach is informed by a long record of direct and relevant experience from previous management roles including:

  • Chief Executive of North Kensington City Challenge
  • Director of Trafalgar House Business Parks Ltd
  • Managing Director of GLE (Properties) Ltd

This website provides:

  • Details of my experience 
  • Links to guides and materials I have used on training courses
  • Links to other useful sources of information


Michael Beaman 
Tel: 079 44 00 6891 email:  beaman@regenerate.co.uk