Michael Beaman 
Michael Beaman

I have now retired from both conventional consultancy work and the provision of teaching and training services. 

This website is now only maintained to keep open access to the  materiel listed here under 'links' and which is still in use for the RTPI and other training courses and which people still seem to find useful.  But please note that it is now rather out of date and the lnks etc are no longer checked to see if they are still 'live'. 

If you find the materiel useful  I would be grateful if you could express your appreciation by making a donation to  Sightsavers, a charity which provides cost-effective treatment for blindness, mostly in Africa.  See their website here.  I

f you wish to get in touch please call on 0794 400 6891 or email me. I am afraid that robots look through email addresses for spamming purposes so please work out the email address from mickbeaman at outlook.com. 


Michael Beaman 
Tel: 079 44 00 6891 email:  beaman@regenerate.co.uk